Range of activities

 Range of activities


Gas Engineering and Development Co. is a subsidiary of the National Iranian Gas Company which has been established in line with the system to implement oil industry plans. It is in charge of all studies, including economic, technical and feasibility, for all projects ordered by the National Iranian Gas Company as well as:

·        Implementation of all engineering operations including basic and detailed operations on the ordered projects;

·        Design, supervision and implementation of all engineering and construction operations including construction and development of gas production, collection and transmission systems; wellhead installations; refineries and dehumidification installations; transmission pipelines; gas feeding and distribution; gas compression and pressure reduction stations; telecommunication systems; pumping stations; construction and infrastructural operations; as well as construction of offshore structures and related facilities inside and outside the country;

·        To undertake logistics and procurement of articles needed for plans and projects from within and without the country;

·        Undertaking all kinds of scientific, technical, financial, commercial and service activities necessary for the development of the company.