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بسط/تجميع Site Type : Websites related to foreign oil & gas industries ‎(5)
French Total
Austrian OMV
Qatar Gas Company (Qatargas)
Oil and gas price on Bloomberg website
بسط/تجميع Site Type : Websites related to domestic oil & gas industries ‎(21)
National Iranian Oil Company
National Iranian Gas Company
National Petrochemical Company
Ministry of Petroleum
National Iranian Drilling Company
National Iranian Gas Export Company
National Iranian South Oil Company
National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company
National Iranian Central Oil Company
Kala Naft Manufacturing, Maintenance and Procurement Company
Iran Fuel Consumption Optimization Organization
Gas Distribution Management Company
5th District of Gas Transfer Operations
Iranian Gas Transmission Company
Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex
National Iranian Offshore Oil Company
National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company
Iran Oil Industries Engineering and Construction Company
National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company Engineering & Projects Management
Bidboland Gas Refining Company
Russian Gazprom
بسط/تجميع Site Type : State-run websites ‎(50)
Islamic Consultative Assembly
Islamic Republic of Iran Judiciary
Expediency Council
Government Spokesman
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
Ministry of Economic Affairs & Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Cooperatives
Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
Ministry of Agricultural Jihad
Ministry of Industries & Mines
Ministry of Road and Transportation
Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics
Ministry of Housing & Urban Development
Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Welfare and Social Security
State Welfare Organization
National Iranian Youth Organization
Physical Education Organization
Department of Environment
Management and Planning Organization
Iran Atomic Energy Organization
Center for Women and Family Affairs
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Iranian Red Crescent Society
The Academy of Sciences of the Islamic Republic of Iran
The Academy of Medical Sciences Iran
The Academy of Persian Language and Literature
Islamic Republic of Iran Police
Iran’s Academy of Arts
Secretariat of High Council of Cultural Revolution
Geological Survey of Iran Organization
Iran Hand-woven Carpet Research Center
Iran Drug Control Headquarters
Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
دبيرخانه شورای عالي مناطق آزاد تجاری - صنعتی
Martyrs and War Veterans Affairs Foundation
Tehran Municipality
National Library & Archives of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Civil Servants Pension Fund
Mostazafan and Janbazan Foundation
Supreme Audit Court
بسط/تجميع Site Type : Project Management ‎(3)
بسط/تجميع Site Type : Process Engineering ‎(14)
بسط/تجميع Site Type : Piping & Plant Design Engineering ‎(3)
بسط/تجميع Site Type : Oil Engineering ‎(3)
بسط/تجميع Site Type : Oil & gas information & service website ‎(18)
Petroenergy Information Network (Shana)
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